Yanet García steals everyone’s sighs with this photograph in front of the sea


Yanet García has spent time with her heart completely devoted to Lewis Howes and this photo shows the love they have for each other and how much fun they have next to each other.It’s the idea!

December 05, 2020 11:44 hs

Yanet Garcia She currently lives with an American businessman in the United States, now that she resigned from the program where she was the famous weather girl, she is dedicated to becoming a professional in the coach. Excellent!

So, through several Instagram posts we could see how Yanet Garcia and Lewis Howes were developing their relationship and now they live as a couple and honestly, they look great!

In case you did not know, Yanet Garcia She rose to fame after her participation in the morning show TODAY, giving the weather forecasts, which gave her the name by which most people know her, ‘the weather girl’, her outfits always fell in love with the viewers

Returning to the topic, in the first photograph of the publication in question appears only Yanet Garcia in a bathing suit, in the second she is wrapped in a blanket due to the cold of the beach and in the last she with the same blanket but next to her partner. How cute!

Specifically, Yanet García and her boyfriend Lewis Howes They undoubtedly enjoy showing off their great romance on their personal Instagram accounts, because now that they are living together they share their romantic moments more often.

, Yanet García and her boyfriend Lewis Howes

In short, his most loyal followers have commented on some photographs that they hope that Yanet Garcia continue for many more years with Lewis howesThey make an excellent couple and maybe it’s time to make the family grow. Can you imagine?


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