What can an employer do if someone refuses to come back to work?



Many businesses had to lay off workers during the pandemic, but now several are looking to bring back their employees. Adriana Sanchez finds out what employers can do if someone refuses to come back to work.

There are many reasons that someone might not want to return to work. What can an employer do if someone refuses to come back?

Laura Fortman, Commissioner of Maine Department of Labor said, “People are weighing in going back to work, they are concerned about their own health and the safety of their family members and issues around child care and they’re also concerned about their economic situation. So we recognize all of those things, however anyone who is being offered a job to go back to work, it is the expectation that they will do that and if they do not return to work to their employer, the employer can report that to the  department of labor. We have a special link on our website for employers to use an then we look at any refusals of work and we do a fact finding to determine if there is reason on why that person did not return”

If prospective employers receive calls from people asking if they are hiring and they feel that it is just being used to receive unemployment benefits, they can report that as well.  

There are also resources available to help employers such as crafting their job listings and highlight key factors.

“We’re also helping employers perhaps rethink the flexibility that they offer and showcase some of those flexibilities as I said child care has been a challenge on many folks, many employers are seeming to be flexible around those things and if they are we can help them elevate that so people that are looking for work are aware of that flexibility and increase the pool of qualified applicants,” said Fortman.

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