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VERSO Capital Announces Merger With ALDINI Capital


The merger illustrates how VERSO’s proprietary partnership model provides a magnet for impact investors seeking growth opportunities around the world. It is a tangible opportunity for VERSO to further scale up its Ultra High Net Worth and institutional business by providing its merchant banking advisory services to new clients. 

Mr. Daniel Baumslag, Partner and Board Member of VERSO Capital, says, “The deal’s synergies really stack up. It leverages Aldini’s rich tradition and pedigree in hedge funds, private equity and real estate with Verso’s merchant banking advisory service and global reach in Venture Capital.”

Fuelling Innovation with Bold Investments

VERSO Capital has been at the forefront of a decade of unprecedented expansion of private markets. Since 2011, over $700 billion USD has been invested in venture capital, fueling a blossoming ecosystem of start-up companies.

In the technology space, VERSO has contributed to this expansive growth by investing over $245 million in the past 4 years in tech start-ups ranging from climatech to foodtech and biotech.

VERSO engages with sophisticated pools of capital around the world and re-deploys these funds into these bright and exciting new ventures.  Recent additions to VERSO’s portfolio include Impossible Foods, EAT JUST, Turtle Tree Labs, Nitro Beverage, ISDC Global and Carbon Click.

“The vision of VERSO is to become the reference for UHNW investing in private equity and venture capital – bridging the gap between traditional wealth management, often secluded in Swiss private banks, and the world of venture capital, which has been difficult to access for private capital and structured to attract institutional funds instead,” explains Julien Machot, Managing Partner at VERSO. “Each investment is entered into with the highest degree of conviction and the unanimity of our Partners.”

For example, VERSO’s recent pre-series investment in Singapore based Turtle Tree Labs is the result of several months of close collaboration with founder Max Rye, who has used stem cell research to create human milk.

“Verso Capital has a strong track record in identifying and investing in innovative food-tech startups, and we’re proud to join its existing portfolio of companies. With Verso Capital’s investment, TurtleTree will be able to lean on its expertise in the food tech sector, and scale to take advantage of the global ecosystem that it has helped create,” says Max Rye.

After jump-starting the year with this exciting new merger, the goal for VERSO Capital in 2021 is to continue to invest in the world’s most innovative and exciting start-ups, reinvest in its portfolio companies and continuously support its founders.

About VERSO Capital
VERSO Capital stands out from other global merchant banking firms due to their expertise in Merchant Banking advisory. The firm was founded on a vision of a Merchant Banking boutique, with core expertise in Venture Capital & Private Equity backed by seasoned strategic consulting.

About VERSO Fund
British Virgin Islands
VERSO Capital has presence in the British Virgin Islands with the VERSO Fund, a multi-class professional mutual fund focused on financing technological advancements. VERSO Fund seeks out companies with the most positive impact on as many people around the world as possible.

VERSO Management is a BVI based asset management and investment banking firm regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission. 

About ALDINI Capital
Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Founded in 1958, ALDINI Capital is a regulated investment firm and alternative asset manager based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The firm focuses on proprietary capital investments, debt & equity markets and provision of exclusive strategy, wealth management and fundraising advice to UHNW and institutional clients.

California, United States
This California-based start-up has created a revolutionary product: JUST Egg. Made from protein-rich mung beans, this vegan egg substitute is cholesterol-free, antibiotic-free and requires less land, water and carbon emissions to make than conventional eggs.

About Turtle Tree Labs
TurtleTree aims to develop the best nutrition from milk in the most sustainable way. This Singapore-based biotechnology company uses a cell-based method to produce milk and milk components that can be used for dairy milk and infant nutrition production.


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