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US Venture Capital funding average rose by 33% during the COVID pandemic


WROCLAW, Poland, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — According to a report by Tooploox, “Disrupting the disruptors: How COVID-19 changed VC and startup reality,” Venture Capital companies have continued to invest despite the looming crisis and revolutionary changes in daily business routines. 

The overall COVID-related crisis has hit the retail and entertainment sectors hard, among others, disrupting routines and imposing a lockdown. On the other hand, e-commerce and online services have witnessed an unseen boom, with the rapid development of digital skills among new demographics and sectors that were once slow-adopters. For the agile and high-tech-oriented ecosystem of startups and VCs, this new reality was unexpected, yet far from paralyzing.

>> Click here to download full report “How COVID-19 Changed VC and Startup Reality”

Here are some key takeaways from the report:

  • The VC ecosystem was prepared for a crisis to come. The general game-changer was the lockdown, not the economic slowdown.
  • The number of investments in US startups has dropped by -30% when compared to 2019, but the average value of investments has risen up by +33%.
  • Life sciences and pharmaceuticals are the only industries that have witnessed growth in the number of investments, the average value of investments, and the overall value of money raised.
  • July has seen a +98% increase YoY in the average value of money invested by VCs, while in January the number, value, and average value have dropped, showing the initial shock of the COVID pandemic.

The VCs shared valuable info describing the new reality and how startup founders can find their way through it, considering the changes in investments – with VCs investing less frequently, but with more cash per funding.

“One bit of evergreen advice is to do your homework first, get your key metrics and achievements together, such as your growth rates, revenue numbers, cohorts, user feedback, and customer testimonials,” says Jacek Łubiński, Principal at Market One Capital, as quoted in the report.

“We are proud and excited to hand over to the industry both qualitative and quantitative data that may help companies to understand the new world and adjust their operations to the new reality,” concludes Paweł Sołyga, Founder & CEO of Tooploox.

>> Click here to download full report “How COVID-19 Changed VC and Startup Reality”

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Tooploox is a tech and product consultancy for startups and fast-growing companies.

Our competence is built upon over 150 digital projects delivered to more than 100 companies worldwide and the advanced skill sets of a team of over 150 (including 18 PhDs). We have grounded experience in AI Engineering (with particular prowess in Computer Vision & Machine Learning), Mobile and Web DevelopmentProduct Design, and Product Management.

In the past 8 years, we’ve worked with companies from top VCs including Kleiner, Vision fund and Founders Fund such as Light (with $180 m in Series C), Group Nine Media (with $140 million investment from Discovery).

Our mission is to solve problems that have a high impact on society at large and improve people’s lives with technology. 

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