Tony Hsih Sapos had a 2-word employment policy that was absolutely genius


There are many good reasons to remember Tony HC, But I’m still thinking about one thing: an extraordinary job Policy In Japos, Hessey was CEO For two decades.

This was even more severe after Hsi died on Friday at the very young age of 46 years.

Japos has twice built companies off the ground and found major leaks: Japos bought Amazon for $ 1.2 billion, before that Link Exchange bought Microsoft for $ 265 million before HC turned 25 years old.

He was the promoter of the city of Las Vegas, where Sabos was headquartered, and a think tank in entrepreneurship and business, beginning with the publication of his book, Providing Happiness..

But, something else would make me want to remember him.

He was not only a known comedian – he lived near a billionaire Airstream trailer Because, as he once explained, he valued experiences about things – but instead, to the 2-word policy that Japos had for new employees.

I’m talking about the “offer”, which is a great reminder that life is short now, and we only get so many opportunities to discover our true calling.

The plan worked like this: After a week or so, some new Japos employees will be told they have a choice.

They can continue on the journey they started – otherwise, they may leave. If they choose to “exit”, the company will pay them to go.

“Why?” Asked Bill Taylor Harvard Business Review In 2008, the maximum “offer” was $ 1,000. “Because if you want to take the offer to the company, you don’t have the sense of commitment they are looking for.”

This is not benevolence; Japos was fine without the staff not wanting to be there. But, I can not help it, but I think it was a real advantage for those who worked at Sapos only to realize that it was not the right fit.

After Amazon acquired Japos – allowing it to remain an independent division, under Hesi’s leadership – the “big Amazon” also adopted a version of this idea.

The Amazon Recap That includes paying Amazon Fulfillment Center employees $ 1,000 a year, who worked up to $ 5,000 to get out of Amazon.

Hsi sold Sopos to Amazon in 2009. When I first heard the reason why “The Offer” resonated so sharply with me, it was because of what I was doing at the time.

Short version: I started a new six-person job as a lawyer and was able to realize from day one that I had made a big mistake in taking it. I left immediately – There was no $ 1,000 or offer of 5,000 in it – The situation set me on fire to start a business that could support a family quickly.

After a while, When I wrote about it, Got My 15 minute fame Outside of the whole experience. But the real benefit was that it reaffirmed to me that life is too quick to spend more than a day at a job.

Hsien was reportedly injured in a house fire on November 18 in New London, Connecticut. The story of what happened is still growing; Local news reports Fire officials called it an “active investigation.”

So, keep calm Tony Hsieh. I hope and pray that his family will find comfort. Others will share their mail: Jeff Bezos, Chris Pie, And Tony Hawk, For example.

But I also remember him for the lesson of “privilege”.

Life is too short to follow the wrong path. Today is always a great day to find the right one.

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