Tokyo Paralympics live updates: Australia locked in tight battle against France in must-win match


Australia is in a must-win wheelchair rugby match, playing a determined French side desperately trying to keep their semi-finals hopes alive.  

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Live updates


Aussies in action today

All times AEST

  • Swimming: Finals this evening.
    • 7:44pm: 🏅 Women’s 100m breaststroke – SB9 Final: Keira Stephens
    • 8:12pm: 🏅Women’s 100m backstroke – S13 Final: Katja Dedekind
    • 8:33pm: 🏅 Men’s 100m breaststroke – SB8 Final: Tim Disken 
  • Table Tennis: Loads happening at the Tokyo Metropolian Gymnasium today.
    • 5:00pm: Joel Couglan vs Alabi Olufemi
    • 5:40pm: Qian Yang vs Tien Shiau Wen
    • 6:20pm: Melissa Tapper vs Bruna Costa Alexandre
    • 7:00pm: Jake Ballestrino vs Masachika Inoue
    • 7:40pm: Ma Lin vs Chee Chaoming
    • 9:00pm Rebecca Anne Julian vs Hanaa Ahmed Hammad
    • 9:40pm Nathan Pellissier vs Piotr Grudzien
    • 10:20pm: Lei Li Na vs Kim Kun-Hea
  • Cycling Track: Men’s 3000m individual pursuit
    • 4:34pm: 🏅 Darren Hicks, C2 gold medal race
    • 4:52pm: 🥉 David Nicholas, C3 bronze medal race
  • Wheelchair basketball: 3:45pm: Australia’s men vs Iran
  • Wheelchair Rugby: 6:30pm: Australia vs France
  • Equestrian: Dressage individual 
    • 5:00pm: 🏅 Victoria Davies, Grade II.
    • 6:51pm: 🏅 Sharon Jarvis, Grade IV
    • 9:31pm: 🏅 Amelia White, Grade V

By Michael Doyle

Which Paralympian has impressed you so far?

Hi Mick,
Who’s your favourite current Paralympian?

-Not Mick

I can’t say I have a favourite. 

But I absolutely loved the interview Lakeisha Patterson gave after her gold medal swim.

Who has impressed you in the opening day and a half of the Paralympics? 

By Michael Doyle

EQUESTRIAN: Sharon Javis scores 68.366 in the Grade IV individual dressage

Sharon looked very happy with her performance. 

She is the second of 12 riders, so we will have to wait and see how her score holds up. 

By Michael Doyle

WHEELCHAIR RUGBY: Strong defence give Australia a half time lead

Ryley Batt is a man on a mission, providing the first half’s two major defence plays for Australia.

In a must-win match, the Steelers lead 25-24 at half time. 

By Michael Doyle

EQUESTRIAN: Sharon Javis is on now

By Michael Doyle

TABLE TENNIS: Australia’s Melissa Tapper has gone down to Brazil’s Bruna Costa Alexandre 3-0

By Michael Doyle

WHEELCHAIR RUGBY: Shae Graham has just scored the first try for an Australian female at the Paralympic Games

After not being used in the opening match, Shae Graham has made her Paralympics debut against France.

She has just scored her first try.

By Michael Doyle

WHEELCHAIR RUGBY: Q1 France 13 leads Australia 12

It has been a back-and-forth battle. 

France had the final use of the ball in the first quarter and took the lead 13-12 in the last second. 

This is a must-win match for Australia. 

By Michael Doyle

EQUESTRIAN: Victoria Davies misses out on qualification, finishes ninth

Davies’ score was not enough to get through to the next round. 

The top eight go through, but Davies finished ninth.

By Michael Doyle

TABLE TENNIS: Australia’s Qian Yang goes down to Tien Shiau Wen 3-0

By Michael Doyle

WHEELCHAIR RUGBY: Australia vs France is on now

This game is must-win for Australia. 

By Michael Doyle

Who is ready for tonight’s events?

Should be some great viewing this evening. 

The Steelers are on in 20 minutes against Japan. 

We have Aussies in three medal swims after 7:30pm AEST.

Two more dressage rides and several table tennis matches. 

I hope you are ready.

By Michael Doyle

‘I’m pumped’: Joel Coughlin after his first Paralympic Games win

Joel Coughlin’s win this afternoon is his first at the Paralympics.

After his win he said he was more calm, after making his debut yesterday. 

“I’m pumped, elated to get my first win at the Paralympic Games,” he said.  

“Off the back of my game yesterday I played really well so I was actually a lot more calm going into today’s game … less nervous and more confident, so I could go out there and play my game and get on top of him.”

Thanks to Lauren Ryan for sending us through those quotes.

By Michael Doyle

TABLE TENNIS: Qian Yang is about to begin her match with Tien Shiau Wen

By Michael Doyle

By Michael Doyle

Key Event

BASKETBALL: Australia wins its opening match of men’s wheelchair basketball

Great win for the Rollers who were in control from the start. 

They have defeated Iran 81-39.

Brett Stibners was brilliant for Australia, with 21 points. 

By Michael Doyle

TABLE TENNIS: Joel Couglan win

Our man Joel Couglan has defeated Alabi Olufemi.

Couglan only needed three games to win 11-9, 11-8,11-6.

By Michael Doyle

EQUESTRIAN: Victoria Davies scores 65.618 in the Grade II individual dressage

Davies was the second rider of 12 to compete. 

We will have to wait and see how that score holds up. 

By Michael Doyle

BASKETBALL: Australia leads Iran at the end of the third quarter 65-24

By Michael Doyle

Key Event

CYCLING: David Nicholas wins bronze in the men’s C3 3000m individual pursuit 

Bronze for David.

Great ride from the 29-year-old. 

Lead the race from start to finish. 

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