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Maybe you have a great idea that you want to turn into a real-world business. Or you’re a natural leader looking for a strategy. Or, you’re a curious, creative person with an eye for innovation.

Channel your passion and drive into business and entrepreneurship with the 2021 Entrepreneur Venture Capitalist Startup Bundle. This eight-course bundle has 601 lessons on building and investing in successful startups. Study tips from experts and establish your business prowess with the 15 hours of content in this bundle.

The Entrepreneurship for Beginners course features an exclusive interview session with Matthew Rolnick, the former Divisional Sales Manager at Groupon who generated over $10 million in sales there. Listen to his experiences with entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship for key elements of success.


Courses on joint venture partnerships, venture capital finance and liquidation preferences get into the fundamentals of venture capital. If these terms aren’t familiar to you, these courses will introduce the topics and show you how to break into the field. Soak up the information in these courses to find your way to successful venture capital pursuits and investments.

To start working (and living) like a true entrepreneur, you must embody the attitudes, body language and drive of one. Three courses in this bundle focus on just that so you can be empowered to start, fund and grow a successful business.

The courses in this bundle have an average of 4+/5 star reviews from students, as they present relevant information in compelling and accessible ways.

Let the 2021 Entrepreneur Venture Capitalist Startup Bundle be your deep dive into the world of game-changing businesses. Study the foundational elements of this field to apply your skills in the real world. On sale for $319.92, each course costs you about $40, and the bundle will pay for itself in the money you can make.


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Read more at www.ksat.com

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