There Are More Than 900 Unicorns. Here’s When the Biggest Might IPO.

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  • There are now 879 unicorns collectively valued at close to $3 trillion.
  • 250 companies have joined the unicorn club this year so far.
  • That is already more than the 161 unicorns created in all of 2020.

When Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures, first came up with the term “unicorn” in 2013 she was trying to connote something exceedingly rare – there were only 39 startups valued at more than a billion dollars at the time.

Now unicorns have become anything but rare.

There are currently 879 unicorns worldwide collectively valued at close to $3 trillion, according to new data released this week by Crunchbase.

250 companies have joined the unicorn club so far this year, which is already more than the 161 unicorns created in all of 2020. More than half of new unicorns are based in the US and many are valued at well north of a billion dollars.

With startups going public at a record pace, many unicorns are poised to go public in the coming months and years.

Here the biggest ones and the latest on when they may go public.

ByteDance ($140 billion): TikTok’s Chinese owner has been rumored to be going public for months even as it swung to a $2.1 billion loss last year, Bloomberg reported.

Stripe ($95 billion): The payments processing juggernaut – the most valuable U.S. startup – reportedly has hired lawyers to help it prepare for a direct listing. 

SpaceX ($74 billion): Elon Musk has resisted taking SpaceX public, but said he’s interested in spinning off Starlink, its lucrative internet satellite division. Still, Musk said last month a Starlink IPO could be “at least a few years” away. 

Klarna ($45.6 billion): The Swedish fintech company has been eyeing a listing on the London Stock Exchange, but is reportedly at least a year  away from going public. 

Instacart ($39 billion): The grocery delivery service, a big pandemic winner, this week poached a key Facebook executive as it prepares for a long-anticipated IPO. 

Nubank ($30 billion): The Warren Buffett-backed Brazilian digital bank reportedly is shopping around for bankers as it readies a U.S. IPO.

Epic Games ($28.7 billion): The gaming company opted to raise another billion in VC funding earlier this year rather than go public. The company fueled IPO talk when it hired a head of investor relations in February but has so far been quiet on any plans.

Databricks ($28 billion): The San Francisco data analytics and AI startup is expected to go public this year or next.

Rivian ($27.6 billion): The Amazon-backed electric truck maker reportedly hired underwriters in May for an upcoming listing at a possible $70 billion valuation. 

BYJU ($16.5 billion): The Bangalore-based educational technology startup plans to go public in the next 16-22 months, according to its co-founder.

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