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NEW YORK, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Starting a new business and establishing a presence in any industry is a challenging task in today’s day and age. With high-level competition everywhere, one needs to have an edge in order to succeed. However, with the right guidance and knowledge, any startup can become a multi-million-dollar business. The Two Week Notice Society is one such organization that offers business coaching to female service-based entrepreneurs. They help entrepreneurs who are striving for a career that doesn’t keep them shackled to their cubicle. 

With their “Startup Success Academy” coaching program, the Two Week Notice Society helps people reach their true potential and take their businesses to a whole new level while increasing their revenues exponentially. Founder of the Two Week Notice Society, Amy Coats, is an Entrepreneur and Business & Marketing Strategist. Amy Coats created this organization to help women make it to the other side and love life all over again. The “Startup Success Academy” is the Two Week Notice Society’s all-inclusive coaching and accountability program where they teach people what it takes to turn their business dreams into a reality. 

What is The Startup Success Academy?

The Startup Success Academy is an all-inclusive group coaching and accountability program where students learn how to cut through the confusion, the overwhelm, and the endless struggles of building a sustainable and profitable business. This program breaks down the entire process of building a business into systemized, repeatable steps, to create the momentum new entrepreneurs need. 

The Startup Success Academy program is a 6-month online group coaching and accountability program that offers full-on support and accountability to help its members generate their first of many clients consistently. With their proven plan, systematic process, and step-by-step method of growing a new business, members of The Startup Success Academy can fast-track their success and achieve their goals with a customized approach paired with support and accountability.  

Enrolling in the Startup Success Academy allows members to have a freedom-based business model that fits the life they want to live, giving them the time and freedom to do whatever they desire-whenever they desire. With the Startup Success Academy’s effective marketing system, people can attract and convert their ideal clients and take their business to whole new heights.

This program offers customized business strategies to its members that help them become the “go-to” person for their audience, strengthen their brand, and become an authority in their niche. Members also get exclusive access to the Two Week Notice Society’sSignature Cash Flow Formula” that helps members start getting clients right away. The Startup Success Academy helps people understand exactly how to solve any problem within their business, and offers an entire community that supports them in reaching their goals.


The Startup Success Academy is the perfect program for anyone who is looking to create an online coaching or consulting business. The program also includes the “6 Steps to Clarity” that helps members understand and develop a clear idea even before launching their business. In addition to the coaching, support, and accountability, members also receive a step-by-step path on how to go from having a business idea, to having a complete roadmap on the exact steps needed to create a consistent income from their business. The Startup Success Academy is a great program for entrepreneurs who wish to reach their true potential and leave a lasting mark on their industry. 

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