The Top 5 Reveals from The Game Awards 2020


The Top 5 Reveals from The Game Awards 2020

The 2020 edition of The Game Awards happened this past Thursday. While the gaming industry wasn’t able to gather together in person this year, the event was still packed full and filled with great games taking home much deserved awards. You can check out our full recap of The Game Awards here. Along with awards, the event had tons of amazing game reveals. With that, we here at mxdwn Games decided to put together the Top 5 Reveals from The Game Awards 2020.

5. Sephiroth Revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The night started off strong with the reveal for the next DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being revealed. It was honestly a complete shocker to many when One Winged Angel started playing in the background of the trailer and Final Fantasy VII‘s main antagonist Sephiroth appeared. Much like with his counterpart Cloud debuting in the Wii U game, no one saw or legitimately predicted Sephiroth coming to the game. One of the most iconic characters in video games now joins the massive cast of fighters. Then, he’s coming this month, so eager fans don’t have to wait long to try Sephiroth out in the game themselves.

-Zachary Dalton

4. Crimson Desert

The 2020 Game Awards revealed a trailer for the upcoming role-player, Crimson Desert. The five minute display showing off the very impressive graphics through actual gameplay footage. The trailer, from Pearl Abyss (the creators of MMO Black Desert Online), introduces the world of Pywel and it’s protagonist, Macduff. Crimson Desert will focus more on the story (compared to previous Pearl Abyss games) by mixing a one-person narrative with an online multiplayer. The action-packed trailer even shows off Macduff fighting and riding mythical creatures in the open worlds game . Pearl Abyss plans to release Crimson Desert in Winter 2021.

-Cassidy Hidalgo

3. Ark II

Ark II came out of nowhere debuting at The Game Awards. The sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved showed off a trailer starring, to the shock of everyone, Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel, who will play the game’s lead role. Though no gameplay was shown, Ark II is sure to be an evolution of what the original survival game was all about with even more of an emphasis on story thanks to Vin Diesel. This wasn’t the only news for the series either. As along with the reveal of the new game, it was also announced that an animated series based on the Ark story is coming, starring the likes of Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Russell Crowe and Elliot Page.

-Cassidy Hidalgo

2. Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark has been dormant for more than 15 years. That alone makes this reveal not only a nice surprise, but also a long time coming. With it being The Initiative’s debut game, it represents a fresh start for the franchise, something that very few studios and companies get the chance to do. Though little was shown, Microsoft and The Initiative have the opportunity of a lifetime to introduce the series to an entire new generation of gamers, and reconnect with older gamers who remember the classic Nintendo 64 title that started it all.

-Alex Levine

1. Mass Effect Will Continue

The Mass Effect series has been BioWare’s darling since its first launch in 2007 and still has a massive fanbase to this day. This was obvious following BioWare’s announcement that there will be a continuation of the original Mass Effect storyline. The final teaser trailer of the night at The Games Awards showed Dr. Liara T’Soni, a character from the original story, and it gave excited fans hope for the closure of Commander Shepard or just to experience a fantastic video game based in a wonderful universe.

-Jewel Caruso


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