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So you want to understand European tech? Well, the best place to start — apart from just reading Sifted, of course — is signing up to a whole load of the great newsletters out there.

But which are the best newsletters? We asked our crack journalist team at Sifted to select their favourites… and here they are.

Let us know any we should add.


General startup news

Sifted — Our latest and greatest pieces, plus our take on the top startup news stories and longer reads from elsewhere, sent to your inbox on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

StrictlyVC — A daily funding news roundup. (A lot of rounds from the US and Asia, but European funding rounds get in there too. Useful to see which sectors are getting a lot of attention.)

Weekly roundup 

Sunday CET — Sent every Sunday by Dragos Novac, a VC/founder type, with what he finds interesting in the European investment space. Has some good musings. Also useful for checking that you haven’t missed any big news over the week. 

Seedtable —  Sent every Friday by a growth hacker called Gonz. He picks some interesting topics to discuss and loves cheerleading Sifted.

Courier — The print magazine for people who run their own businesses also has two newsletters. The Wednesday ‘Workshop’ has practical advice for entrepreneurs. The Friday ‘Weekly’ is a kind of ‘interesting stuff’ roundup, with a global focus. 

Nicolas Colin’s European Straits — Sifted columnist (and VC investor) Nicolas Colin writes a weekly newsletter focused on Europe’s ‘entrepreneurial age’ . It covers topics like the gig economy, the future of industry and venture capital trends, and comes out on Wednesday mornings.

Benedict’s Newsletter — A Tuesday take on the tech stories of the past week, from former Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans. Can skew very Big Tech, but full of very smart takes on trends, interesting ideas and data.

Steve’s ITK — TechCrunch’s scoop master general Steve O’Hear shares a round up of his stories periodically via this newsletter. 

The Rookie VC — VC investor Ulysse Laroche shares his thoughts, weekly, on a variety of topics such as the future of cities, age tech and tech journalism.


Beauhurst — The data company sends weekly emails with its reports on high-growth companies in the UK. It looks beyond companies in London and at funding beyond venture capital. Worth subscribing to. 

DealroomTaking a more European view is fellow data organisation Dealroom, which also sends a weekly missive including its latest ecosystem maps and reports.

CB InsightsUseful for trends and market analysis (like ‘The State of Healthcare’) — but unfortunately very US-focused. Some content is also behind a paywall. 

PitchBook — ‘The Daily Pitch: Europe’ is worth a skim, although not if you’re very tight on time.  The bottom section of the newsletter lists VC, PE and M&A deals (although it’s not comprehensive). 

Deeptech / AI

Exponential View A newsletter mostly about AI, for smart people into AI, written by Azeem Azhar. 

The Algorithm — From MIT Tech Review. (Subscriber-only.)

Import AI — From OpenAI’s Jack Clark. Pretty geeky stuff.

Your guide to AI — Monthly take on AI tech, research and startups from Nathan Benaich, a UK-based AI investor and author of State of AI annual report. Also pretty geeky.

Corporate Innovation

Future Proof — Sifted’s weekly roundup of all the corporate innovation news and opinions worth reading, written and curated by Maija Palmer.


The Trim A great round up of good (and often very fun!) food sector reads, from the ex-editor of trade magazine The Grocer. 

The Spoon — For a more techy take on the food world, subscribe to The Spoon. It offers news round ups and smart analysis on ghost kitchens, delivery companies, robot chefs and plant-based food innovations — although mostly focuses on the US. 


Top 10 things I saw in consumer: Susie Stanford —  A VC’s analysis of big consumer news. Comes monthly. 

Heartcore Consumer Insights — The VC rounds up interesting consumer deals in Europe and the US every week. Useful for tracking what’s going on in this sector.

Thingtesting — A weekly look at new consumer brands, along with some fascinating features on trends like low-alcohol drinks, unboxing and men’s cosmetics.

Diversity in tech 

Femstreet A weekly round up of stories about funding female founders. A useful source for discovering new female-run companies. 

Blooming Founders — This female founder community has a weekly newsletter curated by founder Lu Li. 

Andy Ayim on Minorities in Tech — Angel investor Andy Ayim shares his pick of good reads, funding news and events related to underrepresented people in tech (in Europe and the US) weekly.

Colorintech — For a newsletter that enjoys emojis even more than Sifted, sign up to this for diversity and inclusion news and interesting reads from Europe and the US.  


Anna’s Weekly Fintech Roundup — A weekly dose of must-read fintech news curated by Reuters’ fintech correspondent Anna Irrera (although, beware, can be quite US-focused).

This Week in Fintech — A Friday roundup from Nik Milanović, a fintech strategy guy.


Green Daily — Bloomberg Green shares the day’s climate and sustainability news. When it comes to tech, it’s more focused on the big companies. 

Climate Tech VC — A weekly round-up of climate tech deals around the globe, good reads, jobs and analysis of topics like carbon capture, carbon accounting and hydrogen. 


Labiotech — Top stories from Europe’s biotech businesses every Friday.

Life Sci VC — Biotech analysis for the folks who can actually understand this stuff.

Digital Health Digest — A weekly newsletter from Digital Health, a UK-focused online publication which focuses on… digital health.

Tabootech — A new publication focused on all things ‘taboo’, from mental health to sextech, femtech to cannabis tech. It’s just getting started, but looks promising. 

JCNews — Not solely focused on healthech, this weekly newsletter from Jean-Charles Samuellian, the cofounder of French health insurance rocketship Alan, is an interesting read on the future of health and how to build a good business. (In French and English, so some Google translation possibly needed.)


City LabGreat on city innovation, but mostly US-focused. The ‘What We’re Reading’ links at the bottom are worth clicking through on. 

The Micromobility Newsletter — A must-read for micromobility fans. A great weekly overview of what’s happening with scooters, ebikes et al in Europe, the US and Asia. Also lists jobs open at micromobility startups.

Movements — Another excellent weekly read for all things micromobility.

Intelligent Transport — As nerdy as it sounds, and equally useful for smart cities and micromobility updates.


Most VC firms (and many VC partners) have newsletters. Some are great, most are a list of portfolio updates.

Capital Call — Shares Medium posts and other articles written by or featuring European VCs. Run by Nicolas Colin, Vincent Touati-Tomas from Northzone and Willy Braun from Gaia. 

Daphni — French VC firm Daphni wins the prize for the most colourful newsletter, which sends a selection of good reads on a variety of topics every Thursday. 

The Family’s Newsletter — Setting a trend for ‘fun’ French VC newsletters, The Family has a great daily newsletter. At the moment, a different member of the investor/community/accelerator’s team is sharing (pretty good) advice for founders and startup operators about building companies each day.

First Round Review — US VC firm First Round shares bucket loads of brilliant operational advice and insights in its newsletter (and online magazine). It’s a shame that it mostly features US companies (but then again, that’s what Sifted’s here for).

Capital Enterprise — The UK startup network shares a useful lineup of events, grant and other funding opportunities and calls for applications from accelerator programmes.


Welcome to the Jungle — A French recruitment platform, which also creates content on featured companies and shares advice around HR topics, like how to ask for a promotion. (In French.) 

The People Geekly — This weekly newsletter from Culture Amp, the US-based people and culture platform, shares content on the topics at the top of people people’s minds: remote work; hybrid company cultures; how to run a good one-on-one. 

Coworking spaces / incubators / accelerators  

Most coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators send out half decent newsletters. We find they can be useful to skim through to find out about companies that are hiring and hear about events. 

Station F — The Parisian mega campus has a monthly newsletter featuring updates from its resident startups, upcoming events and recommended reads.


Most countries and bigger cities have some kind of organisation promoting the local tech and startup scene, which can send out useful (if not linguistically brilliant) newsletters. Some countries also have media covering the local startup scene. Quality definitely varies across the continent. 

Startups Ana Pimentel, a tech reporter at Portugal’s Observador, fills you in on all things Portuguese startups (in Portuguese) on a Tuesday.

Startup Lisboa — The non-profit community at the centre of much of Lisbon’s startup activity.

Gründerszene — If your German’s good, it’s worth signing up to Business Insider-owned Gründerszene for hot-off-the-press startup and VC news. 

Deutsche Startups — Known for not always getting its facts straight, but a valuable source of gossip on German startups nonetheless.

Hamburg Startups — In which there is, rather fittingly, a fair bit of food-related news too.

#MaddyMoney — French startup funding rounds of the week (in French).

Barcinno — A very useful roundup of VC, startup and tech news from Barcelona (and Spain), along with good reads, events and local jobs.

Barcelona Tech City — Events and local startup news.

Hunting Greek Unicorns — News, jobs, recommended reads and smart thoughts on the Greek startup ecosystem. Sent by VC analyst Alex Alexakis every two weeks.

Silicon Luxembourg — For all your Luxembourgish startup stories.

Which newsletters have we missed? Please comment below or email [email protected]

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