The 10 Hottest DevOps Startups Of 2021 (So Far)


Faster, Better, Safer

DevOps, the combination of software development and IT operations, couldn’t be a hotter space right now as organizations are adopting modern software delivery methods at an increasingly faster rate and applications are top of mind. That means, the time is right for startups to burst onto the scene.

DevOps-focused upstarts are entering the market with innovative tools and platforms that can ease the work of deploying patches and updates, archiving and releasing code, and provisioning scalable infrastructure, all while ensuring security is maintained throughout the process. The DevOps platforms of today are increasingly focused on simplifying processes for specific use cases like mobility, machine learning, serverless, and advanced security.

Here are 10 DevOps startups on the market with their own flavors of technology to enable the collaboration between developers and operators that solution providers should know about.

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