Startup Exchange Overview & Intake Session on February 24 (Remote)


Please note: This is a virtual/remote session.

This session provides an overview of Startup Exchange services, and how startups can engage. It is intended for MIT-connected startups that are new to MIT Startup Exchange.  Startups that might have registered a while ago and want to become more involved are welcome to attend as well.

All startups have to be registered with and approved by MIT Startup Exchange to participate. Please choose one available spot only. List a one-line description about your company and your industry, which will help us make intros for you, if we see a match.

Be sure to sign up for a spot in the Google Sheet!

Virtual event is on Wednesday, February 24 from 10:30 AM ET to 12:00 PM ET.

What to expect at the intake session:

1. 10:30 AM ET: Short intro to the MIT Startup Exchange – everyone should join! We’ll tell you more about how we connect 1900 MIT startups to industry.

2. At your assigned slot: 1:1 session on your startup – where we learn about you to better connect to corporates. 

It’s a short 10-minute slot. Please come prepared to describe concisely the below –  generally, slides are not needed:

  • The problem you’re solving, why’s it important
  • Your tech solution & differentiation from others
  • Customer traction & benefits gained
  • Target companies & industries (see our MIT ILP corporate members list to get an idea)
  • Where are you as a company, fundraising

Also in attendance are our program directors (PDs), who each manage 8-10 large corporate ILP accounts. They are typically industry experts who know a lot about what their corporate members are interested in.   

3. Optional – Meeting with Program Directors

Some startups will also meet with one or more PDs who expressed interest for more in-depth convo about the PDs members’ individual needs. This will either occur just after your ten-minute 1-on-1. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the PDs and their members. Many startups tell us they value not only the corporate intros but learning from PDs about their target industries’ needs.

If you don’t get to meet with individual PDs, no worries, there will be other events and opportunities in the future, or some PDs need to check with their members to see if there’s sufficient interest for your offerings.

The session will be your chance to accelerate your participation in the MIT Startup Exchange program. All startups who recently joined MIT Startup Exchange are invited, and are encouraged to come and ensure our staff fully understand your startup’s potential and can be proactive about sending opportunities your way. 

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