Staffing experts say adult use marijuana is preventing some from finding employment


ROCKFORD (WREX) — When applying for work in the stateline, a number of people aren’t making the cut.

“People are admitting they can’t pass the drug screen because they are regularly using marijuana now,” says Workplace Staffing Founder LoRayne Logan. ” Drug policies have not been amended to exclude presence of marijuana in your system so as long as we are drug free workplace includes marijuana we just have a number of people who won’t get into workplace opportunities.”

Logan says her company has seen roughly 20% of applications fall under this issue. For the companies she places workers for, she’s not aware of any that don’t require drug screens. Logan says she’s aware of only very few willing to look the other way on marijuana.

Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross says while Illinois law states adult use recreational marijuana is legal, that’s not the case for the federal government.

“Cannabis is still an illegal substance under federal law,” says Hite Ross.

Hite Ross adds OSHA sets guidelines for many workplaces and others can maintain marijuana in their drug policy due to the liability it poses for their insurance.

“It is difficult for lay people to understand why companies would do that but they have to look at their insurability with their provider as well as providing safety for everyone else that works for the company.”


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