Spotify the Latest Company to Embrace Permanent Remote Work


Spotify has announced it will allow employees to work from home permanently, joining a growing list of companies that have made the switch.

Dubbed its “Work From Anywhere” program, Spotify is allowing employees to choose how and where they want to work. That includes working full-time at home, the office or a hybrid of the two.

The company is also becoming more flexible with the geographic location of its employees, allowing them to live and work from the city or country of their choice. There may be some limitations, due to regulatory or timezone challenges, but the company is clearly working to provide as much flexibility as possible. For employees that want some office time, but may not live near a Spotify office, the company will help them with a co-working space membership.

In the wake of the pandemic, companies are adapting to the changing circumstances by offering employees a greater degree of flexibility. Salesforce, Dropbox, Reddit, Twitter, Microsoft and Google have all committed to varying degrees of permanent remote work or flexible work options.

Employees, meanwhile, have grown accustomed to remote work, and want it to continue after the pandemic. In fact, half of workers would be willing to give up vacation days in exchange for remote work, while 29% would quit their job before returning to the office.

It’s a safe bet Spotify won’t be the last company to adopt more flexible work options moving forward.


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