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Rafael Nadal has set an incredible new record in this 2020 that will be remembered as one of the most troubled seasons in sport and beyond. The Spaniard has overtaken Novak Djokovic and is now the player with the best career win percentage, 83.1%.

After the record of victories at Roland Garros (13) and the achievement of Federer’s record of victories in a slam (20), Rafa Nadal sets (among the many beaten in recent weeks) a new record. The Spaniard has always been a symbol of dedication and enormous constancy on the tennis court, a characteristic modeled and perfected also by his first coach, uncle Toni.

Rafa, despite having spent his years fighting against opponents of the caliber of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, managed to conquer the best percentage of victories compared to the number of games played. In fact, Nadal won 83.1% of his career matches, despite the injuries that hit him during his career and the strong opponents he faced.

The 34-year-old recently sat down for an interview with Victor Matarranz, who is the Global Head of Santander Wealth Management & Insurance. The pair talked about various topics and conversed candidly in Spanish.

Rafael Nadal feels seeking help is the best solution for problems

He asked this question to Rafael Nadal in the context that the World No.

2 has bounced back to the top of his game through multiple injuries that he has sustained during his career. Here’s how Nadal related it with business and framed his reply: “I think that what served me best I think is to first and foremost to be and to have a positive outlook.

You can’t just enter into a defeatist spiral and if you enter a negative parallel, it’ll be very hard to leave it,” Nadal mentioned. “Of course, things are rough, but we have to realize that we have to get up every day in the morning and bust ourselves off thinking that yes things are bad now but we can make the world a better place or I’m going to make an effort to ensure that the world is a better place,” said Nadal.

These are indeed words of gold from the 13x French Open champion. Optimism goes a long way in helping a person attain a positive outlook on life, and Nadal can’t help but stress the fact. “We have to look at life from a positive point of view and being optimistic, I think that that helps us overcome hard times but after that, you have to make an effort because you can’t just wish your way away out of this,” the Spaniard added.

“You need passion, and you need to make an effort to get out of these terrible situations. That’s what’s worked for me, and I think that it’s also important to listen to those who surround you who you think are important, whose opinions you value, and who want the best for you,” expressed Nadal.

“Letting people help you is really important. Sometimes we think that we know everything, but I think I’ve always let people help me, or at least I’ve listened to people. That has definitely served me,” Nadal stated.

Read more at www.tennisworldusa.org

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