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Skinimalist beauty brand Iris&Romeo partners with venture capital


“While Michele’s prior experience as VP of Brand & Consumer Engagement at Smashbox certainly established her credibility, we were compelled by her mission of producing products that combined high performance skincare and makeup for an all-in-one solution,” ​says Manica Blain, Venture Partner at BrandProject, in her remarks to the press today.

The Iris&Romeo​ tag line is “Less Makeup, More You.” And the brand’s product portfolio includes items like Best Skin Days, a 5-in-1 moisturizer and complexion product that also functions as a serum, and has spf and blue light protection benefits. And the brand’s popular Power Peptide Lip Balm is multifunctional too, delivering the tint of a color cosmetic as well as acting as a lip balm and lip treatment product.

As Gough Baril explains on the brand’s story page, “Iris&Romeo was born from a belief that we, as women, can liberate ourselves from outdated ideals and limited choices. This is a movement to keep our planet clean, our formulas free of toxins, and to simplify our lives because we’ve got more important things to do.”

Next-generation beauty brand Iris&Romeo on a mission to help the industry and consumers evolve

The community that has grown up around Iris&Romeo since the brand’s launch in 2017 embraces Gough Brail’s philosophy of beauty and are a big part of the reason why Blain and her colleagues at BrandProject chose to invest in the business.

“The Iris&Romeo brand Michele is creating deeply resonates with a community of busy women who seek simplification in their routines, yet still expect efficacy, and without the luxury price tag,” ​acknowledges Blain in today’s media release about the partnership.


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