Rohit Ugale of Satmat Group is helping youngsters in setting startups


Covid pandemic has brought a huge downfall in all kinds of businesses and financial services, but the only industry still flourishing is the IT sector.

New entrepreneurs have been trying for years to bring a revolution in the sector for easy work and faster digitalization. One such example is Rohit Ugale, the founder and CEO of Satmat Group Pune.

Satmat Group, established in 2017, registered as Satmat Technologies Private Limited, is achieving new heights daily and is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the country. From software development, Fintech services, and investing in young minds, startups are being done by Rohit and the team for the last many years.

Satmat has been building websites for easy tasking for the clients. They have built more than 3000 websites to date and created an online platform for companies and young entrepreneurs.

Nashik-born Rohit Ugale is a young entrepreneur who became an inspiration for the youth who aspire to launch their own businesses.  Rohit Ugale, the founder and CEO of Satmat Group, says, “We aim to make it easier for our clients to do their businesses and our mission is to see the businessmen live stress-free and happy lives.”

He believes in “First do it then prove it”.

Rohit is working on collaborations with different companies and in different cities to make Satmat Group the best Tech company. With a growing network all over Asia and Africa with a family of more than 200 employees, Rohit is soaring the sky. But, ‘sky is the limit’. His company is providing IT services in different sectors like e-commerce, Google, telecom, etc.

Rohit is setting an example about how small Startups can become big companies which inspires the youth to work in such a vast sector. Digitalization and Growth in information and technology will only be possible if we have more people like Rohit in the country with the same spirit of bringing revolution and development.


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