Partnerships to advance the circular economy



Holcim and GIZ write the book on co-processing

The project combines Holcim’s technical knowledge with GIZ’s development and policy expertise to build up professional knowledge and capacity in the private and public sectors.

In 2020, GIZ, Holcim and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) updated the Guidelines on Pre- and Co-processing of Waste in Cement Production, first published in 2006. The Holcim-GIZ guidelines are a reference document for the waste and cement sectors for safe and environmentally sound waste management practices. The main objective of these guidelines is to improve waste management by offering updated and new objective information. Hence they also aim to facilitate close collaboration between the public and private sectors.

By sharing our expertise in this way we can expand our impact, building on our commitment to reach 100 million tons of recycled materials by 2030.

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