Over 2% Increase Intraday Explanation


  • The stock price of Nano Dimension Ltd (NASDAQ: NNDM) increased by over 2% during intraday trading. This is why it happened.

The stock price of Nano Dimension Ltd (NASDAQ: NNDM) – an industry leading Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)/PE (3D-Printed Electronics) provider – increased by over 2% during intraday trading. Investors appear to be responding positively to the company announcing today that it signed a definitive agreement to buy DeepCube, a leader in Machine Learning/Deep Learning (ML/DL) technology. And Nano Dimension will pay the shareholders of DeepCube approximately $40 million in cash and $30 million in American Depositary Shares (ADSs) of Nano Dimension — which are subject to stand still for various periods of up to 3 years after closing of this transaction. The closing is expected in the next few days, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions. 

DeepCube technology applies numerous patented breakthrough algorithms for improving data analysis and deployments of advanced Deep Learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems. And the Machine Learning application includes faster and more accurate training of deep learning models, and drastically improves inference performance and real-time metrics. Plus its proprietary framework can be deployed on top of any hardware, especially fitting edge devices and real-time applications. And DeepCube’s AI/ML/DL solutions demonstrate 10x speed improvements and memory reduction, making it the only technology which allows efficient deployment of deep leaning models on edge devices and for real-time applications.

DeepCube’s scientists and engineers — all of whom are expected to join Nano Dimension upon closing of this transaction — are AI/ML/DL experts, veterans of defense forces, homeland security and governmental Big Data agencies well as academic and industrial research institutions. And its founders are Dr. Eli David and Yaron Eitan, DeepCube’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Chairman, respectively (both of whom are also directors of Nano Dimension), and its Chief Executive Officer is Michael Zimmerman.


“Similar supply chain issues, as described recently in the public media in relation to the semi-conductor industry, are hovering over the printed circuit board fabrication and assembly (PCB/PCBA) industries (approximately $65-70 billion in size for fabrication1, and almost an order of magnitude larger for assembly).  Those segments are even more subject to margins pressure due to the Far East low labor cost and “non-free-market” effects on the capital intensity and pricing mechanisms.  Moreover, the PCB/PCBA industry is directly affected by the issues of the chip-components shortage. Nano Dimension’s vision is to establish “INDUSTRY 4.0” solutions, which entail building an AI/ML “distributed digital fabrication application” rather than just building machines as capital equipment. The “AI/ML/DL Distributed Electronic Fabrication Application” will enable a totally environmentally and ecologically friendly digital control of the supply chain for Hi-PEDs (High-Performance-Electronic-Devices), or very high performance AME-3D-PCBs.”

— Yoav Stern, CEO of Nano Dimension

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