Next Apple iPhone Could Have a Screen that Never Turns Off: Battery-Efficient Phones of 2021 Rumors


Next Apple iPhone Could Have a Screen that Never Turns Off: Battery-Efficient Phones of 2021 Rumors 
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There are now rumors regarding the upcoming 2021 Apple iPhone lineup that are stacking up with even more interesting theories. These piling theories even point towards the upcoming iPhone’s screen never turning off or always having something displayed on the phone’s screen.

What iPhone will come out in 2021? 

According to the source from AppleInsider, the well known leaker popularly referred to as Max Weinbach as well as EverythingApplePro on YouTube, have recently shared a sort of flurry regarding the next-generation iPhone leaks. This would even include the word of a display that is always-on.

Reportedly, the upcoming battery-efficient 120Hz LTPO or low-temperature polycrystalline oxide display will be able to mimic the user’s lock screen as well as deliver a number of quite important information without having any input. This feature can actually be seen on some particular Android smartphones.

Upcoming iPhone 13 2021 leak

The leak notes that only the phone’s battery and clock would then be consistently visible and even a “bar and icons” segment would also be seen. There was even mention of new notifications popping up, but at least only momentarily as to avoid clutter.

Weinbach then echoed the analyst rumors of an upcoming upgraded camera coming across the Apple iPhone line. This would include a new and improved ultra-wide cam that will reportedly have better low-light performance, an additional automatic astrophotography cam, and even something sort of a Galaxy S21-like video portrait mode.

Apple iPhone 13 rumor

For those familiar with the MagSafe magnets, these could possibly appear in the phone as well. However, it won’t really necessarily lead into the fabled portless iPhone as of the moment, but it would still certainly make a much better case for this particular move. The design has also reportedly not changed that much this 2021, according to Weinbach, noting the grippier matte black on the new Pro models as an exception.

A number of earlier rumors also note that the Apple iPhone actually uses a much smaller and even less intrusive notch for its Face ID as well as front camera. This would go along with an upcoming possible in-display fingerprint reader, according to the story by Engadget.

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Apple battery-efficient phones

As of the moment, it is advised to be cautious when believing these rumors. It was noted that no matter just how accurate Weinbach could be, Apple could most easily cut back or even modify some features way before the production begins or even during production. An example of this is when the company reportedly dropped its 120Hz display from the known iPhone 12 family due to internal battery life concerns.

An upcoming always-on display technology would make much sense given the current advances in technology. LTPO is known as the key to making these on-screen technologies viable in the more recent Apple Watches. They have also been used in other competitor models like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Apple could also catch up on the always-on feature even without having to sacrifice a lot of its longevity.

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