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NUST on Masters questions

the undoubted highlight for the NUST was when the supporters’ group were granted the opportunity to quiz Masters on the failed takeover.

Board member Thomas Concannon was allowed to question the Premier League chief executive at an agenda meeting in August.

Masters vehemently denied any accusations of outside influence on the process, and his responses rebutting claims from the consortium provoked an outcry on social media.

Regardless of the answers, Tomlinson insists the opportunity to ask questions on a process that has been cloaked in secrecy was a “significant” step forward for the trust.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters making a speech in Shanghai on July 19, 2019

He explained: “Getting in front of Richard Masters was really significant – whether you like what he said or not.

“We asked him some very difficult questions, and we got some degree of answers that nobody else had managed to get in public

“It was number one on the agenda, and it was for half an hour. I think that’s significant in terms of being able to represent fans.

“At the end of the day, fans now have more time on their hands and are turning to social media for answers.

“They’re not necessarily there, but this all exists in that vacuum of leadership from the top of the football club.

“Newcastle United is a multi-million pound business, and it needs to communicate. Fans would be more understanding I’m sure with some of the challenges the club faces if they would communicated.”

You can read the full interview here.


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