MyHeritage’s new AI tool will turn your old photos into creepy videos


Genealogy site MyHeritage has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool that turns old photos into creepy videos.

The newly launched “>AI tool is called Deep Nostalgia and it uses technology for animating photos that was licensed from an Israeli firm D-ID, which specialises in video reenactment using deep learning. Deep Nostalgia uses the firm’s technology to animate the faces in historical photos and create high-quality, realistic video footage.

In effect, it produces a realistic depiction of how a person from an old photo could have moved and looked if they were captured on video.

Apart from bringing the old black-and-white photos to life, Deep Nostalgia can also be used to animate coloured photographs. “It works equally well on black and white photos and photos that were originally taken in colour. It also works well on colourised photos and photos whose colours were restored using MyHeritage In Colour,” MyHeritage explained in a blog post.

Using this new AI tool is really simple. All you need to do is go to, upload a photograph and follow the instructions on the screen. MyHeritage says that it has several possible sequences of gestures that can be applied to a photo, each originating from a pre-recorded driver video that it has prepared in advance. The driver videos guide the movements in the animation so the users can see their ancestors smile, blink, and turn their heads.

The company in its blog post said that it analyses the orientation of the head and the direction of the eyes, and chooses automatically which driver is best and will be applied to the selected face. The result is a short, high-quality video animation of an individual face that can smile, blink, and move.


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