Make the cast of TF2 recite old memes with this AI text-to-speech tool


As far as I know, John Patrick Lowrie never stepped into Valve’s recording booth to have The Sniper re-enact old Vine clips. But thanks to a free online machine-learning tool, folks are making everyone from TF2’s marksman to The Stanley Parable’s narrator and beyond say whatever the hell they want.

Spotted by Kotaku over the weekend, is a deep-learning text-to-speech tool trained on a library of audio clips for dozens of characters. It’s all very fascinating to read about, from its use “deepmoji” systems to assign emotions to the way the algorithm scrapes the internet for online slang. But all you need to know is this: type in a line or two, pick a character, and the system will swiftly deliver a generated clip of, I don’t know, the TF2 Heavy replacing a former US president in Home Alone 2.


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