LG Electronics unveils QNED Mini LED TVs in India


LG Electronics has taken the wraps off its new Mini LED TV line-up, ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 which is scheduled to take place virtually starting 11 January. Also Read – LG Xboom PK5 Review

The all-new LG QNED TV comes with liquid crystal display (LCD) TV technology and uses ultra-small LEDs as the backlight. QNED Mini LED TVs aims to deliver to its users much-improved brightness and contrast over conventional LCD sets, reports ZDNet. Also Read – LG WK7 Google Assistant built-in smart speaker and new rugged Bluetooth speakers launched in India

This could change the LED TV market radically as more OEMs would want to move to this new technology considering it offers a better viewing experience. Also Read – LG Electronics fined by South Korea’s corporate watchdog for unfair business practice

The company has said that the new models from LG will use Mini LEDs as its light source, along with quantum dot and NanoCell technologies.

Mini-LED backlights are, as the name suggests, tiny versions of LED lights in very tight clusters. Rather than numbering in the tens or hundreds of them though, there are thousands. Since they come in a smaller form factor compared to standard LED backlighting solutions, you can pack a lot more of these LED light elements in that space.

What does the new LG lineup offer?

The 8K, 86-inch model of LG QNED TV packs 30,000 LEDs as the backlight. LG claims its new QNED Mini LED TVs can deliver contrast ratios of one million to one. The new lineup is also offering support for 120Hz refresh rate.

One of the major factors that make the LG QNED TVs stand out is that they are combining two technologies to deliver better color output. LG employs Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology, the first time that’s been combined in a TV, according to LG for more accurate colours. The Quantum Dot technology uses a layer of semiconductor nanocrystals that can be used to produce light and NanoCell tech absorbs certain wavelengths of lights to improve the overall picture quality.

LG won’t be the only TV set maker focusing on Mini LED-based TVs in 2021. The company has said that the new QNED lineup will sit between its flagship OLED TVs and its more affordable models for the budget-conscious.

TCL was the first to implement Mini-LED tech in the US market, starting with its 8-Series in 2019, later trickling it down to its vaunted 6-Series in 2020.

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