Katy church offers quiet place to search for jobs and work


With the pandemic, more people are job hunting while others are working from home. Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy is using its space to help both groups.

Kingsland Career Services launched in mid-January on the church’s central campus at 20555 Kingsland Blvd. It provides people with free cubicle space, where they can concentrate on looking for employment or enjoying a quiet, productive place to work during the week.

Executive Pastor of Administration Todd Pendergrass said the church recognized a need among some of its members, who were exiled from their workplaces out of health precautions and therefore trying work at home alongside children. He said a small child that is at home will often not understand that their parent is busy working and cannot spend time with them then.

“So we thought it may be a good time to offer an option that would strengthen families — we hope — so that dad or mom can slip away for an afternoon or morning or an entire day or every day, and work somewhere else and have somewhat of a normal load for the families that they’re used to,” Pendergrass said.

The 16 movable cubicles are 6 feet by 8 feet and can be reserved at They go up each Sunday evening in one of the church’s worship venues and are taken down at the end of the week to make room for Sunday activities.

Users have access to WiFi, printing, scanning and free hot coffee. They can also use meeting areas and private spaces to hold Zoom conversations.

During the first couple of weeks, about 50 people registered to use the space. Users agree to a list of terms and submit to a background check. On a given weekday, half of the cubicles are in use, although Pendergrass said that number is quickly growing.

So far, mostly church members are using the services because they are aware of the option. But anyone can use the space. Pendergrass said Kingsland wanted to start the process slowly, adapting and learning as situations came up. A few weeks in, they are now trying to let more people know.

While working, people can network and build relationships with others that also use the space and may have similar goals.

“Being able to use the KBC workspaces have proven to be a blessing,” said Clay Folloder, business development specialist for Big Daddy Foods. “I work more efficiently than when I am at home where I can easily get distracted by house projects I walk by or things around the house that beckon me away from my job.”

Folloder added that working away from his home gives him the ability to leave the job there, come home and be present with his family.


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