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Kartik Desai to join finance firm Kois as Partner (Asia)


Kois, a global impact finance firm, has announced that Kartikeya Nitin Desai is joining the firm as Partner to lead its advisory business across the Asian region based out of offices in Mumbai, India.

Desai is a seasoned development finance leader with 17 years of experience in investment banking, private equity, venture capital and economic policy and is considered a pioneer of impact investing in India.

Founder and Managing Partner of Kois Mr. Charles-Antoine Janssen said “We are excited …to work with him to grow our business and deepen its impact across our work in India and multiple Asian markets, as we together build a global platform to enable innovative finance for donors, corporates, governments and private funders.”

Serena Guarnaschelli, Partner (Kois) “Kartik brings impact investing and advocacy experience across each of our three areas of focus (i) education, skilling, employment, (ii) healthcare and wellness and (iii) climate and sustainability and we are very excited about having him join us in making Kois a global platform for catalyzing blended finance.”

Kartik Desai said, “I strongly believe that the blended finance market is at an inflexion point with greater need for outcome-based funding and tri-sector collaboration in a post pandemic world, and couldn’t be more excited to be joining Charles, Francois, Serena and the rest of the Kois team to unlock greater capital for development and apply it to the most pressing existential issues facing humanity.”

Kois is a global impact finance firm with asset management and advisory businesses focused on impact investment and blended finance across three areas: (i) education, skilling and employment, (ii) healthcare and wellness and (ii) climate and sustainability. It has offices in Brussels, Paris, London and Mumbai and works in both developed and emerging markets providing advisory, structuring and fund management services to governments, corporates, philanthropic and private funders.


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