Innovative All-Woman Tech Startup Creating First of Its Kind Interactive Mobile App On Black History

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Nostalgia: Black, a Black-owned, all-woman tech startup, is developing an innovative, immersive mobile app designed to shine a light on America’s rich Black history using Augmented Reality. The App, which will highlight the contributions and experiences of Black Americans, will be available to schools and the general public.

DALLAS, Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Nostalgia: Black, a Black-owned, all-woman tech startup, is developing an innovative, immersive mobile app designed to shine a light on America’s rich Black history using historically significant locations.

Nostalgia: Black’s goal is to help people of all ages experience and gain new perspectives on Black culture by stepping back in time and re-visiting history through the eyes of some of its greatest unsung heroes. They are currently raising funds to bring their mission and vision to life.

While designed for people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, Deah Berry Mitchell, CEO/Founder of Nostalgia: Black, says the project holds important significance not just for young minds in the educational system, but for anyone interested in the historical contributions of Black Americans.

“It’s rare that students are able to spend time fully immersed in the contributions of Black Americans through history,” said Berry Mitchell. “This is an opportunity to help everyone connect to history, and to understand the ways regular people have pushed a country closer to celebrating all Americans equally.”

Through the mobile app, which is being designed by award-winning immersive technology company, QuantumERA, developer of the interactive Gettysburg: A Nation Divided AR360 app and the Experience Real History: Alamo Edition mobile app and augmented reality products, people will be able explore different historical sites in ways never before possible, helping them develop a keen understanding of their relevance in our nation’s history. The team’s first mobile app will focus on experiences in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex with immersive content to help users understand the role each experience plays in history. New experiences in the app will be rolled out over time about people and places during the Jim Crow Era, Reconstruction Era, and Civil Rights Era. The app can be used both on site to explore actual locations using geolocation technology, or remotely, allowing greater access to differently abled people, creating a powerful learning experience for people from all walks of life.

“We find that people, especially children, best engage with history through immersive technology,” said Stephen Cure of Perspectives XR, an education distributor that creates course curriculum to complement QuantumERA’s AR experiences. “With Augmented Reality, you see the action unfold before your eyes, you hear the stories, you control the journey. It is a powerful way to really connect with stories in a way that a book or a video just can’t deliver.”

Berry Mitchell is no stranger to local history. She is the founder of Soul of DFW, a food and history touring company, the published author of Cornbread & Collard Greens: How West African Cuisine and Slavery Influenced Soul Food, and currently works with the Dallas Historical Society.

Nostalgia: Black Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder, Jill Broussard, says their team is already looking to expand outside of Texas, and has a list of both well-known and lesser-known stories around the country they would like to develop.

“We are looking for financial support from people and organizations who share our passion and excitement about telling these stories,” said Berry Mitchell. “The story of Black Americans changing the narrative is such a proud part of this community’s history, and to let these moments go into silence is just not an option for us.”

For sponsorship opportunities or more information on the project and the team behind this innovative project, please visit NostalgiaBlack.com.

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