How Working From Home Has Benefited Companies


Prior to the pandemic, only 7% of the workforce has access to flexible offices. But as we continue forward with the world’s largest work from home experiment, employees have been able to prove that they are just as productive outside of the main office.

So how has this transition improved the overall workforce?

For starters, the lack of commutes has decreased work-related stress, while providing workers with more time for themselves. Research has found that commutes have gotten longer over the past decade, with the average commute reaching a record of over 27 minutes in 2018.

By working from home or in a satellite office, employees have been able to use the time they have saved towards their work and personal responsibilities.

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Additionally, video conferencing tools have become one of 2020’s unexpected heroes. Thanks to this technology, businesses have been able to keep their colleagues connected when working remotely.

These technologies are anticipated to advance even more in the future, with virtual reality potentially playing a part to make the distributed workplace experience more immersive.

Automation will also continue taking over menial tasks, allowing workers to upskill and expand their knowledge. Companies who invest into training programs for their employees will see improved productivity, engagement and employee satisfaction.


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