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  • The demo for “Resident Evil Village” is now available for all players in all platforms
  • The Steam version of the demo can be reset to bypass the one-hour time limit
  • PC players will have to delete certain save files and clear Steam logs in order to restart the demo timer

A playable demo of the upcoming “Resident Evil Village” was announced during the 25th anniversary of the “Resident Evil” franchise in March, and the time has finally arrived for players of all platforms to join in on the fun.

Console players were given the opportunity to play two different demos in April, and now, players on all platforms (including PC) will be able to play a larger portion of the game with the final demo version before the “RE Village” officially launches.

This final demo was originally scheduled as a 24-hour-only event with only one hour’s worth of playtime available. However, Capcom decided to extend the demo’s availability until May 9, two days after the game’s release. The actual playtime is still limited to just one hour, unfortunately, but there is a way to reset this timer on Steam.

Like in the previous demo for the “Resident Evil 2 Remake,” Steam users have found a way to reset the game timer for the “RE Village” demo without resorting to any deep technical dives, EuroGamer reported.

A Steam user by the name of Leaves found an easy way to essentially trick Steam into thinking that players have never played the “RE Village” demo before. To reset the timer, perform the following:

  1. Disable Steam Cloud for “Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo” by toggling the Cloud Synchronization option under the Updates tab in the game’s Properties menu
  2. Download Steam SAM (Steam Achievements Manager)
  3. Delete Steam’s local save files under Steamuserdata154780remotewin64_save (Make a backup first just to be safe)
  4. Start Steam SAM
  5. Remove Achievements and Stats for “RE Village”

Completing these steps will allow Steam users to replay the “Resident Evil Village” demo indefinitely until the May 9 deadline. Take note that not everything is included in the demo, but players will be able to explore more of the game using their knowledge from previous playthroughs.

“Resident Evil Village” is set to release on Friday, and it will continue Ethan Winters’ story as he tries to rescue his daughter and uncover the secrets of a remote, monster-infested village in the snowy mountains.

An overview of the new area featured in Resident Evil Village Photo: Capcom


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