How this Assam agri-tech startup is leading the charge on innovative and smart solutions


Many other startups have attempted to solve these problems plaguing farmers by bridging the technological gap. However, AgSpert stands out in a few key areas. As they allude, “AgSpeak uses complex machine learning and crop simulation models to analyze historic and real-time farm health data trends through automation, as well as user generated interactive feedback features to determine patterns. Also, rising concerns of food security and transparency which contributes substantially to the value of farm produce can be overcome with the right hyper-local data tools like our IoT enabled AgSpeak smart farming platform that can monitor crop health and farm weather continuously throughout seasons.”

Driven by hyperlocal crop data coming from satellite and smart IoT devices, AgSpeak considers up to 20 local crop parameters which are key indicators of their health like temperature, rainfall, sunlight hours, and soil health status to alert farmers about probable crop threats in advance and best practices to tackle the incoming threat, hence optimizing the resources used and maximizing profits. The platform also helps the farmer manage their yield by creating gravest records, get one-on-one expert advice from professional agriculturists, get their farm soil tested and integrate soil health to their crops being grown.

Additional features include recommendations on good quality agri-inputs from multiple vendors and in some case directly from manufacturers and connect to buyer pools, thereby creating a virtual marketplace to enable multi-faced farming transactions to occur over one place. The platform creates a digital database of entire crop seasons and farm health which can be leveraged by institutional stakeholders to analyze climate risk zones, crop insurance claims and produce quality to create better transparency in food value-chain and security. AgSpeak got quite a stir when the education minister of India Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal tweeted about it recently.


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