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How Tarun Bhati Tackled Venture Capital At Just 19 Years Old


Tarun Bhati is a 19-year-old entrepreneur running three successful businesses that are scaling new heights every day. His journey started as a 15-year-old when he decided to design a Minecraft server all by himself because he wanted to earn some pocket money independently during his school days. The Minecraft server proved to be a money-spinner for him as the company ran profitably.

Later he wanted to create a consistent and secured source of revenue for himself. Bhati thought of investing his earnings from the Minecraft server to generate handsome returns to achieve his goal. He started his first independent venture with Oleada Capital. The company allowed several clients to invest their money into different companies based in New Delhi, India. With his innovative investment policies, he was able to reap good returns for his clients within a short period. This venture company also helped several service providers and online stores survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

After tasting his first success as an entrepreneur with Oleada Capital, Bhati wanted to explore more avenues of revenue generation. He found prospective opportunities in the marketing sector. To grab these opportunities, he started two more companies focusing on a diversified marketing medium.

Bhati founded Prior Public, an advertising agency to help brands reach their target consumers. The agency helped several brands escalate their sales, generating more revenue within a short period. Prior Public also joined hands with brands like Offertoro and AdGatemedia to scale new heights in the advertising arena.

His next venture was WinRobux, which helps companies and agencies promote their apps. WinRobux also allows clients to conduct market surveys. The company started growing exponentially within a brief period. To leverage upon its growth and popularity, Bhati introduced a game with WinRobux called Roblox. The game was an instant hit among the 18-34 age group.

Roblox proved to be a money-spinner for Bhati when he introduced several gaming features to generate revenue. Roblox involves different characters and avatars who need to be dressed up to stand apart. Players need to use real currency to get virtual gaming currency called Robux to buy clothes and accessories for the characters.

WinRobux soon gained more than 150 million players worldwide, listing itself among the most popular games globally. To attract more players to WinRobux, Bhati introduced a feature allowing players who promote different companies’ apps on WinRobux to win Robux as a reward.

Bhati is gradually climbing up the ladder of success with his brilliant ideas and natural entrepreneurial skills. His first venture capital company, Oleada Capital, is continuing to help businesses scale new heights. The company has created immense value for investors and will continue to do so in the coming years.

To accelerate the reach of his business ventures and increase the client base, Bhati is planning to explore social media’s power. He has plans to work with social media influencers to reach the Generation Z audience, which is resistant to other promotion and marketing forms. Bhati believes in growing his entrepreneurial ventures by supporting other businesses in the process.


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