How Much AI Talent Gets Paid at Snowflake, Databricks, UiPath and More


  • The artificial intelligence industry is booming, and talent is in demand as companies fill jobs. 
  • Insider analyzed the US Department of Labor’s 2021 disclosure data for salary records. 
  • Here are salaries for jobs at AI companies including Snowflake, Samsara, OpenAI, Bytedance. 
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Few industries are blowing up like artificial intelligence and big data. A combination of new technology and expanding adoption are sparking meteoric growth. The analyst firm PitchBook estimates spending on AI software and hardware will reach $138 billion this year, and grow at a rate of 23% in the next three years. That puts the industry at $258 billion in 2024.

All that spending fuels an equally explosive jobs market. The job search site ZipRecruiter shows 48,955 artificial intelligence engineer jobs currently listed in the US. Those jobs pay very, very well. ZipRecruiter shows annual salaries as high as $304,500 for AI engineers, with an average of $164,769. There are also AI job openings for researchers, human resources workers, and managers. 

PitchBook notes that “the size of this market can support both large private companies as well as meaningful growth opportunities for large enterprises.” Insider previously listed salaries for some of those larger enterprises, including IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. Now we turn to those large startups and younger public companies, which are providing a new employment sector with a central focus on AI. 

Business Insider analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification’s disclosure data from the beginning of 2021 through the end of March  for permanent and temporary foreign workers to find out what 10 top AI companies — Snowflake, UiPath, Databricks, DataRobot, Samsara, ByteDance, Cruise, Waymo, Dataminr, and OpenAI — pay engineers, researchers and other professionals in the field of big data, AI, and machine learning.

Companies are required to disclose information such as salary ranges when they hire through the H-1B visa program. This list is not a comprehensive look at AI salaries: It only includes data for foreign workers, and only accounts for base salary, rather than bonuses, benefits, or other forms of compensation. However, it still provides rare insight into what these major companies are willing to shell out for talent. Note that for some positions, the companies involved only gave salary ranges, rather than specific figures.

Here’s how much these top AI companies paid employees this year:


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