Google Assistant will show your fitness data on your smart display


Google has quietly rolled out an update to its smart assistant that makes it a bit more useful for fitness lovers.

As per a report by 9To5 Google, the tech giant has rolled out an update to Google Assistant that adds a new Wellness section to the virtual assistant’s interface. This update, as per the report, enables Google Assistant to show a user’s health and fitness data on their smart displays.

This new section replaces the Sleep section in Google Assistant’s settings that was rolled out in November last year. It also integrates all the Sleep settings and integration with Fitbit. This means that the Assistant will soon be able to show your wellness and sleep activity data from your Fitbit fitness tracker on your Google Assistant-powered smart display.

“Allow your Assistant to proactively show your information on your display devices from your connected health and fitness devices and services, like your exercise, nutrition, sleep, or wellness data,” Google says in the description of the updated section.

At the moment, this feature is available only on the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and Lenovo Smart Clock smart displays.


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