Former employee excluded from JBS premises after threatening shooting


WORTHINGTON — A former employee of JBS Worthington was sentenced Thursday for threatening to shoot multiple people on site last year.

Ka Wah, 28, of Fulda, was arrested in January 2020 after two co-workers reported that he had threatened to bring a gun to work and kill them along with others.

Wah was charged with felony threats of violence with intent to terrorize. He pleaded guilty to this offense.

Fifth Judicial District Judge Sherry Haley judged Wah to be guilty of the crime but reduced Wah’s conviction from a felony to a gross misdemeanor. She sentenced him to 360 days in jail with a stay of execution, meaning that he will be allowed to serve two years of supervised probation instead.

Among the terms of Wah’s probation are that he is excluded from JBS property and is to have no contact with either of the JBS employees he threatened.

He was also ordered to pay a $300 fine and to complete a mental health diagnostic assessment.


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