Employee shortages impact Quincy businesses


QUINCY (WGEM) — The COVID-19 pandemic has affected local business in more ways than just impacting who is walking in the door, it is impacting job applications to those businesses as well.

Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Latonya Brock said several local businesses are struggling to find employees now more than ever.

“A lot of our businesses here locally are hiring and they are complaining about not finding help,” Brock said. “So we find that we have about we serve about 580 members. So those are businesses so we have about 600-positions on our website alone.”

Daniel Frericks is the Vice President of Frericks Gardens, Incorporated. He says having a steady flow of employees is crucial.

“Every week we have plants coming in that have to be transferred and replanted and if you get behind then you’re behind the whole spring,” Frericks said. “We have customers within a 180-mile radius of Quincy that depend on us.”

Frericks said they need CDL licensed truck drivers, retail staff, and people to tend to the plants.

“We have quite a few develop into full-time once we start in the spring we don’t slow down again until Christmas,” Frericks said. “So there is a lot of opportunity for full-time employment.”

Brock said filling positions locally will benefit the local economy.

“We certainly need to find talented individuals because that’s going to be extremely important for our economy.”

The Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce has over 600 jobs posted here.


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