Editor in Chief COVID-19 Response Update, 23 November-4 December 2020


Dear Cochrane friends and colleagues,

I am writing to you with my biweekly update regarding Cochrane’s COVID-19 response, for 23 November-4 December. Yesterday, I hosted two lovely webinars about all of your work on this over the past year, and I want to thank all who presented; recordings from this webinar will be available soon. I have said this many times this year, but the way the Cochrane Community all over the world has worked together to tackle COVID-19 and rapidly produce high quality, synthesized evidence has been so impressive, and I am grateful for all of you work. 

The entire collection of Cochrane resources related to COVID-19 is available on our coronavirus research and news page, and has full information on this and our other work. 

Stay well and best wishes,

Karla Soares-Weiser 
Editor in Chief, Cochrane Library


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