Disneyland Unions Ensure Cast Members Have Employment Choices


Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community

The end of the stay-at-home order in Southern California means the reopening of several dining offerings at the Downtown Disney District (and, by extension for the time being, Disney California Adventure). As Disneyland Resort dining reopens, Cast Members are heading back to work — but not if they do not feel comfortable doing so.

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Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community

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A union representing Disneyland Resort food service workers recently took to social media to remind Disneyland Cast Members that if they do not want to return to work during the current pandemic because of their own health concerns (or another valid reason), they are allowed to decline the recall offer.

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Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community

Disneyland Cast Member union Workers United Local 50 recently shared the following Facebook posts regarding Disney employees being called back to work at Buena Vista Street now that onsite dining is allowed once again on Disneyland Resort property. The post states that those Cast Members with “a valid reason” to decline a recall may do so.

Recall Notification,
Disney will begin contacting members for recall as part of a food and beverage re-opening at Buena Vista Streets. Positions will be filled for Carthay Circle, Award Weiners, Smokejumpers Grill, and ODV. In total this first wave is expected to be 71 members in Table Service, 138 members in Quick Service, and 23 members in Out Door Vending. As before, the recall MOU is in effect. As a reminder.
– If you have valid reason to not be recalled you can inform the Disney representative directly over the phone that you are passing on recall or you can not answer the phone calls and the company will move on.
-The company will attempt to reach each person 2 times. With at least 45 minutes between call 1 and call 2.

Recall Notification,Disney will begin contacting members for recall as part of a food and beverage re-opening at Buena…

Posted by Workers United Local 50 on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A second post expands on the reasons that Disneyland Resort employees may have to decline a recall.

To recall members, if you have a health concern for yourself, a dependent, or a household member you are eligible to decline recall. Additionally, if you fail to answer the recall and/or respond the company will move on to the next cast member. Opting out doesn’t affect your employment for having any health concerns.
In both situations, ONLY if a cast member was called and declined or did not respond, the member will be required to fill out a form on the HUB when they are ready to be recalled to work. Contact us if you have any questions

To recall members, if you have a health concern for yourself, a dependent, or a household member you are eligible to…

Posted by Workers United Local 50 on Friday, January 29, 2021

Essentially, if a Disneyland Resort Cast Member who is being recalled to work has health concerns for themselves, their dependents, or their household members, they are allowed to decline. Declining to return to work will not affect that Cast Member’s employment status with the Walt Disney Company, which is good news for those Cast Members who strongly feel that Disneyland Resort should not be operating during the pandemic.

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This news is consistent with the agreement that several Cast Member unions reached with Disneyland Resort in summer 2020.

The OC Register reported in June 2020, “Cast members concerned about their safety can decline the first recall notice and continue to remain on furlough and receive benefits, according to the union agreement. Disneyland employees who decline a second recall must go on an approved leave of absence or face termination.”

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Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community

At the time this news was released, Disneyland Resort theme parks were still scheduled to reopen on July 17. As we know, since then, the reopening of Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park has been delayed, the theme parks remain temporarily closed per the reopening guidelines enforced by the State of California, and tens of thousands of Cast Members have been laid off from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. As the OC Register points out, “Disneyland has laid off more than 11,500 employees while the Disney company has furloughed approximately 37,000 employees due to the pandemic, state and federal records show.”

However, the option to delay a recall remains intact. The agreement reached by the Cast Member unions and Disneyland Resort is still the same: if a Disney Park employee does not want to come to work because of health concerns, they are allowed to decline the recall offer and still remain an employee of the Disneyland Resort.

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As mentioned, the reopening of dining at Disneyland Resort — specifically, the reopening of Carthay Circle Lounge – Alfresco Dining, Smokejumpers Grill, Award Wieners, and several outdoor vending carts offering snacks like popcorn and churros — will bring back hundreds of Cast Members to Disney property.

These food and beverage Cast Members were originally recalled back in November ahead of the reopening of Buena Vista Street but were furloughed just a few weeks later due to the restrictions in place during the temporary stay-at-home order. Now that Governor Gavin Newsom’s office has lifted the order, Disney is recalling employees, and over 200 Cast Members from Workers United Local 50, for instance, are able to work again, as long as they feel comfortable doing so.

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Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community

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More Disney Cast Members will be called back to work as more of Disneyland Resort continues to reopen — whether that means Disney is reopening more shopping and dining in Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Park, or whether operations will remain the same until the theme parks can actually reopen. Should a Cast Member be uncomfortable returning to work, they should check with the union they are part of, or, if they are not unionized, check with Disneyland directly when they are called.

If you are a Disney Cast Member who was furloughed or laid off, and you are in need of resources at this time, read our article here. If you are looking for ways you can help Disney Cast Members impacted by the ongoing pandemic, read our guide here.

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What do you think of the recall process for Disneyland Cast Members, specifically when it comes to accepting or postponing?


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