Creep cred award goes to YouTube AI shaming politicians on phone time


From the country that spent a record time without a government and survived, now comes a group of local politicians who know where AI lives, will meet them, and beat them senseless.

We kid, but concerned citizen Dries Depoorter used the power of artificial intelligence to mark which member of the Flemish government in Belgium spends how much time on their phone during debates and sessions, reports TNW.

Creepy? It’s supposed to be, as the goal is to name and shame, but also a warning that AI can be used for both good and evil, depending on which side of the fence you are at. Depoorter uses object and face recognition AI for videos of the Flemish government sessions that are broadcasted live on YouTube.

The software is able to scan things that look like cell phones, and tag them to individual local politicians using the much maligned and even forbidden at some places face recognition technology, with dubious shaming results, as we’ve all done it at meets, but a whole lotta creep cred nonetheless.


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