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JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton County says that they will be working directly with employers for those who qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine based on their employment.

“We will be contacting employers directly to determine a single point of contact for your organization,” Teton County Health Department said in a press release. “Please ask your staff to not contact the Health Department independently…it can overwhelm our system and staff.”

They added that they are working systematically to contact employers at the correct time so that they can eliminate people sitting on a waiting list for months.

“Our staff is getting overwhelmed by the number of calls and emails we are receiving from people asking when it will be their turn,” explained Teton County Healthy Director Jodie Pond. “We are still working with limited vaccine doses in a community that has a lot of people who would like the COVID vaccine. Please remember that vaccinating the community will take multiple months at the current rate of our vaccine supply.”

Teton County is currently vaccinating both individuals 70 and older and essential worker groups, specifically, employees within in-person congregate care or living settings such as group homes, halfway houses, homeless shelters, child and youth-serving facilities for the next two weeks.

Registration is now open for those who are 65-69 to help build the list of those who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Each week, Teton County selects individuals based on age, with the oldest individuals being selected first, to schedule their first COVID-19 vaccine appointment. The number of appointments each week depends on vaccine allocation for the week. Vaccination of those 65 and older is expected to happen mid-February through March, based on population estimates. Teton County says they have been estimating 450 to 600 appointments for first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine each week with help from St. John’s Health.

Those younger than 65 that are not a part of a priority subgroup will be considered part of the “general public,” and can expect to be vaccinated late summer/early fall of 2021, based on current vaccine allocations.


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