CitySide Capital Network Offers Virtual Startup Deal Tank Feb. 23

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BIRMINGHAM – CitySide Ventures is launching a monthly virtual Deal Tank for early-stage companies to pitch investors in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. On Feb. 23, 22 companies will do elevator pitches for this private “by invitation only” event.

The event is designed for Accredited Investors according to the SEC guidelines, specifically Rule 501(Item 5) of Regulation D, as to the definition of an accredited investor, angel investors group, family offices, venture capital and LPs. The investment process will be managed by CitySide Ventures.

Investors that are interested to attend will be able to still Register online.

Applications for the angel group’s March and April events are filling up fast.

“We are seeing no slow down on quality deals,” said David Weaver, Chief Investment Officer. “We are also delighted to see the early-stage space growing and we need more investors that are willing to be a part of this movement to put Michigan on the map.”

Weaver said he expected 2021 to be an even stronger funding year for Birmingham Angels members and its syndicated partners with the group growing in size every month, and many new exciting companies coming out of the Michigan startup ecosystem.

“We are more than just traditional investors; we are a different investment management firm that creates and manages high-risk venture investment funds,” Weaver said.

 For more information about CitySide Ventures or membership information in Birmingham Angels, please visit its website.


Read more at mitechnews.com

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