Charity must come from within: Premji


NEW DELHI: IT czar and philanthropist Azim Premji on Saturday said companies should not be legally mandated to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) as such contributions to society need to “come from within”.
Premji, who gave Rs 7,904 crore in donations last year (Rs 22 crore a day), also highlighted that the Covid crisis was a “wake up call” to look at fundamental issues like the need to improve public systems like health, and to change the structure of society to make it more equal and just.
‘Companies mustn’t be forced to do CSR’
Idon’t think we should have a legal mandate for companies to do CSR. Philanthropy or charity or contribution to society must come from within, and it can’t be mandated from outside. This is my personal view. As of now, this is the law and all companies must follow it,” Azim Premji said.
He said it is important that individual and personal philanthropy is separated from a company’s CSR efforts. “When I travel in the field and meet our teams and our partners’ teams who have single-mindedly dedicated their lives to helping the country improve, that is about the biggest satisfaction one can derive,” he said during an All India Management Association event. “Start right away, even if you start small. Try to help build institutions and support programs,” he said.
He said his mother and Mahatma Gandhi’s views had played a key role in shaping his perspective on the subject of philanthropy.


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