Boston Startup Resultably Helps Businesses Understand and Predict Workforce Efficiency

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BOSTON, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Resultably, a data insights platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning launched publicly today, integrating with business tools Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Slack, and Zenefits to help companies unlock business insights from disparate data sources and improve productivity. The Boston-based technology company is a participant in the Snowflake for Startups program.

Resultably helps business leaders collect and contextualize data from multiple business systems, delivering valuable insights and data visualizations. Identifying inefficiencies and measuring productivity, Resultably empowers managers to make data-driven decisions. In private beta testing, Resultably used predictive modeling and data analytics to help improve workforce efficiency by evaluating and measuring the cost versus impact of meetings and delivering powerful insights to help improve productivity.

“We were able to get set up in minutes and have been blown away by the number of applications for this data,” says Gabriela McManus, SVP of People at Drizly. “I truly believe the future of work will be built around being able to make data-driven decisions from inherently disconnected systems, and Resultably is providing that data.”

From helping companies get smarter about the number, kind, and cadence of team meetings to understanding what impacts worker’s time, Resultably helps companies better understand and use the data already collected by business tools and systems. From measuring the effectiveness of individual meetings with integrated feedback tools to improving individuals’ calendar efficiency, Resultably uses relational analytics to deliver actionable workforce insights and business metrics.

“The modern business operates inside more software tools than ever before,” said Dave Link, founder and CEO, Resultably. “As a manager, it’s impossible to understand what’s happening across so many different technologies, particularly while working in a distributed environment. Our goal is to make it simple for managers to understand the results that their teams are producing daily.”

A 2019 study from Doodle showed companies waste more than $500bn in productivity annually with pointless meetings – more than 24bn hours worldwide. More than a third of workers identified unnecessary meetings as the biggest cost to their organization.

“We are committed to helping companies eliminate data silos and fully mobilize their data for business value,” said Benoit Dageville, co-founder and president, Snowflake. “With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Resultably has an entire data network that can help contextualize massive sets of disparate data simultaneously, helping their customers solve the complex problem of managing teams’ results at scale. We’re proud to partner with Resultably in their startup journey and look forward to being the platform to power their success at scale.”

About Resultably
Resultably contextualizes data from disparate systems and empowers managers to make data-driven decisions based on what is happening inside their business. Learn more at www.resultably.com.

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