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What is Name, Image & Likeness (NIL)?

Name, image, and likeness refers to an individual’s ability to capitalize on their publicity for promotion purposes and monetize their right of publicity.

Student-Athlete NIL opportunities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurial business ventures, self-employment, &/or business ownership
  • Endorsement appearances in TV, radio, print or social media advertisements for businesses
  • Content Creation (Ex. Podcasts, YouTube, books, art, blogs, etc.)
  • Providing lessons and/or camps
  • Merchandise or autographs sales and/or personal appearances

How is Texas Tech Athletics setting up student-athletes for success?

Texas Tech has established Beyond Verified, the Texas Tech Athletics multi-faceted name, image, and likeness (NIL) educational programming designed to prepare student-athletes to build and safeguard their personal NIL for publicity and promotional rights.

  • Working together to build student athletes’ personal brand while a student-athlete at Texas Tech and beyond. Texas Tech Athletics continues to be a leader in photo and video content along with first-person narrative: “In My Words”.
  • Provide education that allows student-athletes to assess and enhance their personal brand, as well as develop safeguards for their business interests.

Questions? Please reach out to the Beyond Verified Team. 

How does the Texas state law apply to student-athlete NIL deals?

Student-athletes must disclose any proposed contract the student-athlete may sign for use of their name, image, or likeness contract to the institution. Institutions must promptly disclose conflict to student-athlete.

Student-athletes may not enter into a contract that:

  • Conflicts with any contract between Texas Tech and a student-athlete (example Student Code of Conduct & Student Athlete Expectations)
  • Conflicts with institutional contracts; such as Coca-Cola, Under Armour, etc.
  • Conflicts with official team activities; these are defined to include countable athletics related activities (CARA), required athletic related activities (RARA), university classes, required university events, academic and tutorial sessions, along with medical or training sessions.
  • Utilizes the marks or logos of Texas Tech (example the Double T logo)
  • Are an endorsement of alcohol, tobacco products, e-cigarettes or any other type of nicotine delivery device, anabolic steroids, sports betting, casino gambling, a firearm the student athlete cannot legally purchase, or a sexually oriented business as defined in Section 243.002.

What is Opendorse?

Opendorse provides technology to the athlete endorsement industry.

Texas Tech has chosen to partner with Opendorse on their Ready and Social platforms.

What is Opendorse Ready? Opendorse Ready™ is the industry-leading NIL readiness program that provides every student-athlete the opportunity to understand their name, image and likeness (NIL) value and receive hands-on assistance from experts to maximize their value while on campus. While the rules governing NIL monetization for student-athletes are still being determined, it is important that all student-athletes understand their ability to build their personal brand to be in the best position to succeed the moment the rule changes take place.

Although permissible NIL activities expand well beyond social media, a student-athlete’s digital presence may be the leading factor in determining their NIL value and the source for a large amount of their opportunities to generate NIL related income. Thus, Opendorse Ready™ is focused on ensuring student-athletes build a presentable social media presence and a valuable personal brand.

The program features three distinct pillars: Education, Assessment and Performance.

What is Opendorse Social? Opendorse Social™ maximizes content by helping athletes build their brands with drag-and-drop media libraries, one-tap publishing technology, and real-time analytics in one powerful platform.

FAQ’s | Name, Image, and Likeness at Texas Tech


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