Back to 1991 and the inimitable Lemmings


“Let’s go!”

“She will go around the mountain when she comes …”

When I was ten, I had a strange idea of ​​what a lemming was. They were small, pale-skinned creatures, with shocking green hair, blue pajamas, and – most importantly – a determination to fall off platforms to their destiny. It turned out – and it took me a few years to realize it – that lemmings are actually little guinea pig-like hugs, without the green hair, and they fall off the cliffs because they lack space, thanks to one more habit. -population. Frankly, the truth is not as good as the fiction.

I had this bad impression thanks to the classic Amiga Lemmings, released in February 1991. And what game that was, put you in the position of a lemming-wrangler, god, or whatever. The lemmings fell from a trap by the dozen, then wandered automatically, most often towards their destiny. You gave them tasks by clicking on them, turning them into Blockers (to keep them still, damn it), Diggers were used to dig vertically, Floaters were used to parachute, and many more. By wisely using your limited number of jobs, …

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