Are hackers lazy by nature and why are tech startups with little more than a dream flooding the stock market?


“Cloud security is the biggest revolution the sector has undergone over the past two decades.” CTO of cybersecurity startup Wiz, Ami Luttwak, is confident Israel will remain a cyber powerhouse and believes we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of cloud security’s potential. Read more


“Hackers are lazy by nature. Our job is to make things as difficult as possible for them.” Accenture Security’s Roee Schreiber speaks about the changes brought about by Covid-19 and the importance of transitioning to the cloud. Read more

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No Bull: Turkish hackers crash Israeli cattle breeders association’s general assembly. Hackers infiltrated Zoom session waving flags and posting anti-Israel slogans. Read more


Video | “Security is a team sport,” says Microsoft Security Response Center head. Eric Doerr responds to Solorigate incident, calls on cyber community to share information to thwart bad actors. Read more


Dror Bin to take over as CEO of Israel Innovation Authority. Bin, who served in a range of tech industry positions is replacing outgoing CEO Aharon Aharon. Read more


Israeli cannabis genetic startup RCK signs multi-million dollar deal with Holland’s SeedTech. The seeds developed by RCK are aimed at enabling global mass production of medical cannabis and the development of new medications. Read more


Israeli participation in Abu Dhabi arms exhibition in doubt after delegation is grounded. Defense sector companies had their request for special approval to fly to the UAE turned down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more


Insect protein company FlyingSpArk to go public at NIS 120 million valuation. Israeli startup produces protein powder from fruit fly larvae and hopes to raise NIS 20 million to establish its first production facility in Thailand, R&D center in Israel. Read more


Employer Branding | HiBob doesn’t wait for open positions before attracting talent, even during Covid-19. Even though new employees couldn’t get the full scope of the office culture, it didn’t stop HiBob from keeping its eyes open for new talent that came its way. Read more


Analysis | Tech startups with little more than a dream are flooding the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Easy access to capital has many companies going public without any revenues to speak of. Read more


Tips | What I learned from starting a new job during the pandemic. Stay focused on the target, be adaptive, and keep up your energy and pace. Read more


Appointments | PICO Venture Partners appoints two women as leading executives. Claudia De Antoni appointed as Operating Partner and Keren Kenan as VP of Finance and Operations at Israeli early stage VC. Read more


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