Apple’s Selling M1 MacBook Pros With £230 off!


The M1 Mac has only been on the market since November 2020, but Apple’s already offering discounted models on its refurbished store.

In Apple’s US and UK refurbished stores you can now buy a MacBook Pro with M1 Chip at a discounted price. You can find the new Macs on the UK store here if you are in the US click here.

In the US store it is also possible to purchase a M1 MacBook Air for $849, but the equivalent isn’t available in the UK as yet.

The Refurbished 13.3in MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip, 8‑Core CPU and 8‑Core GPU and 512GB SSD is just £1,269/$1,229 – which is a saving of £230/$220 as it’s normally £1,499/$1,449. Notably at £1,269/$1,229 this new price puts it below the usual price of the 256GB model.

If you order today you could get an M1 MacBook Pro tomorrow!

This means you can get the model with twice as much storage for less than the price of the 256GB if you bought it new!

The cheaper £1,299 M1 MacBook Pro is also on sale on the refurbished store, which means you can get the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro Apple M1 Chip with 8‑Core CPU and 8‑Core GPU with 256GB SSD for just £1,099/$1,099. A saving of £200/$200.

The Mac mini are not yet available.

As we explain in our article Why you should buy a refurbished Mac, buying from the Apple Refurbished and Clearance Store is a great way to get a bargain for a number of good reasons, including the following:

  1. They are as good as new, if they were previously owned it would have been briefly, more likely they sat in an Apple Store untouched (since most stores are shut).
  2. They will have been rigorously tests by Apple and any faults identified and fixed. In fact the Mac you are buying will have had more checks than a Mac coming straight from a factory
  3. They come with a full year’s warranty and 90 days tech support.
  4. You can use Apple’s financing options to purchase it, so you don’t have to pay up in one go.

This is a great way to get hold of the new M1 Mac for less than Apple sells a new model for, and it’s practically new.

The Space Grey, 256GB, 8‑Core CPU and 8‑Core GPU model costs £1,099 (£200 off) from Apple’s refurbished store here.

The Silver version of the 256GB model is also £200 off here.

If you want to buy Space Grey 512GB version you can buy it from Apple’s refurbished store for £1,269 (£230 off) here.

The Silver 512GB version is also £1,269 (£230 off) here.

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