After repeated failures, this Assam entrepreneur is now walking the path of game-changers


For as long as we can remember, the success of any startup has depended on birthing a game-changing idea and executing it to perfection.

India is one of the most conducive nations in the world for startups and budding ventures. This has helped give birth to hundreds of entrepreneurs, who have not only been successful in establishing their startups but also at using them as a pedestal for the promotion of Indian culture.

One startup founder from the Northeast India region, in particular, that has all it takes to break the glass ceiling and is steadily seizing the moment as it comes is Pankaj Mazumder. He is the co-founder of two notable startups; telecom startup WisTech and health-tech startup Oxyfind.

His entrepreneurial journey didn’t just blossom overnight. He describes his journey as one filled with ups and downs. He says, “My journey began in my B. Tech final year days. I made a website called Wikibuy. It was a basic website where students could exchange, buy and sell books. After some days, I realised it was not taking off. I almost lost hope and thought of just looking for a job. I was too immature to realise that it’s very normal to fail at the beginning. I tried another venture at the time, but it failed as well. The only thing I realised is that it’s cool to fail but not cool to give up; every time we fail, we get more experienced, and we need to embrace the rejection.”


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