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A Quick Glance at Top Artificial Intelligence Funding in August 2021


Analytics Insight glances at some of the top Artificial Intelligence funding in August 2021

Multiple companies and start-ups have identified the core field of the major disruptive technology known as artificial intelligence to create new innovations to transform the world into a better place by boosting productivity and driving revenue. Organizations need sufficient AI funding to create these smart machines for the tech-driven world. Artificial intelligence funding can come through millions of dollars of investment from eminent companies in some popular funding events like Series A, Series B funding, etc. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the top Artificial Intelligence funding in August 2021.


Top Artificial Intelligence funding in August 2021 has raised US$6 million and the total AI funding of US$8.1 million as a part of its seed round from investors like B Capital Group, 3One4 Capital as well as Nexus Venture Partners in August 2021. This one-year-old company is known as a B2B sales productivity start-up and recently became popular for one of the biggest rounds for a SaaS start-up. The AI-powered guided selling solutions capture real-time data from multiple sources such as emails, conferences, calendars, and many more. has successfully raised artificial intelligence funding worth US$4.2 million in a seed funding round by Nexus Venture Partners and Battery Ventures to expand its engineering, product, and sales teams. This company helps to drive the transformation of customer services into a cloud-based AI-powered workflow, especially in the manufacturing, healthcare, and technology sectors. has received one of the top AI funding of August 2021 as it raised US$3.4 million in Series B financing from Telstra Ventures. The Austin-based company has an aim to expand the healthcare data science platform with this funding. The Explainable AI reimagines the concept of patient risk profiling from personalized predictions delivered directly into the clinical workflow. It helps the clinical teams to prevent serious consequences, enhance results and reduce costs in different areas.



Expertrons is a popular Mumbai-based EdTech start-up that has raised US$2.3 million in a Pre-Series A AI funding round for investing in patent-pending artificial intelligence video bot technology and recommendation engine to guide aspirants to seek the right experts for landing good opportunities in the future. The artificial intelligence funding was from Venture Catalysts, Auxano Capital, Venture Garage, and many more. is known as an MLOps company that has successfully raised US$1 million in a seed round by Venture Catalysts. The company will utilize this AI funding to develop and offer toolkits for developers focused on artificial intelligence, grow the team and evaluate the existing customer base. It is a Chennai-based start-up focused as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to offer data scientists and machine learning practitioners the to create and launch multi-cloud applications on an intuitive browser-based platform. has received one of the top artificial intelligence funding in August worth US$100 million in a Series D funding by Akkadian Ventures and Mubadala Capital. The company’s aim is to develop capabilities of the SmartData platform to provide accurate go-to-market insights to the revenue teams and expand new segments in the future. The focus is to unlock human productivity with the help of real-time data.



Imubit is known as a leader of artificial intelligence process optimization for refiners and chemical operators with its closed-loop neural network platform. The company has raised US$50 million to invent a scientifically novel type of deep reinforcement learning to optimize high-value refinery and chemical plant processes.

A New York-based talent intelligence platform has recently raised US$7 million of Artificial Intelligence funding from Square Peg, Hetz Ventures, and many more. The aim is to use this AI funding for the US expansion, hiring of key talent as well as product development. It is popular for leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable governments and other companies to retrain and upskill talent for different purposes.

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