Riya Rashmi Dash hailing from the city of Sambalpur, Odisha founded The Opus Coliseum along with Sriya Sri hailing from Madhubani Bihar at a very young age of 19. They established this in the year 2020 and the journey is yet going well. This journey of young entrepreneurship is the first milestone to the path of success and achievements.

The Opus Coliseum is a publishing community that aims to give wings to budding writers and aspiring authors in every possible way. It tries its best to shape and mould their pens to form beautiful writings. It ranges from solo books to every kind of national and international anthologies which are distributed worldwide. It has published many books that are national and international record-holders such as Divyam: life and reality within, SHE, the Ground reality of independent India, Laal Ishq, Galaxy of Goodness, and many more books upcoming.

The Opus Coliseum has also its writing community which provides a basic base to all the budding writers to showcase their writing skills and improve their talents. It is a platform of 500+ writers across India including international writers who contribute daily with their beautiful pieces.

It has also come with its Podcast giving voice to our beautiful writer with their beautiful pieces which get live over 15+ platforms which include Spotify, audible, apple podcasts, google play music, google podcasts, anchor, etc. And also it has introduced its magazine named Tridesta which is a monthly magazine with its various editions curating beautiful pieces together.

The Opus Coliseum will be coming with its Audiobooks soon.

The Opus Coliseum has also collaborated with Never Dying Arts which is a renowned International Writing Community for upcoming International projects to be done together. 

TOC has also started its another subunit of Open Mics named Aftaab Open Mic giving a platform to many budding voices and orators to present themselves conducting both online and offline events. It successfully had its first Offline open mic in Patna and will be soon doing it all across India. 

The Opus Coliseum will be soon coming with its new projects with different concepts to take the best out of writers.

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